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We are still...! by LEE Jee
Doe-won is about to enter high school. She’s ready to face her new school and her new classmates, but then she meets the class representative, Baek Joon, who chooses the seat next to her rather than a seat somewhere else. Why does Baek Joon seem so interested in her? And why is Doe-won so nervous to see Eun Eegi, who demands something of her that she thought he had forgotten…!?
Volume 1:

Listen!! To... to the beat of my heart! This is yours!!
Engrave these words in your heart!!
Because my heart can wait forever 'til you come back to me!

ISBN: 89-528-7852-3

Releases: Ch 1-9

Status: Complete! Joint with Entropy
Volume 2:

Eegi... Do you know what's on my mind?
Even though you're hateful, I can't hate you.
I want to hurt you, but,
I can't bear it when you're hurt.
My mind...
My mind...
...thinks only of you...
...thinks about how I always...
want to be with you...

ISBN: 89-528-8392-6

Releases: Ch 10-11 (released by Entropy)

Status: Needs translator.
Volume 3:

ISBN: 89-528-9331-X

Releases: none

Status: Future
Volume 4:

ISBN: 89-596-3010-1

Releases: none

Status: Future
Volume 5:

ISBN: 89-596-3576-6

Releases: none

Status: Future