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Title : Hissing

Manhwaga : Kang Eun Young

Status : Licensed by Ice Kunion
       Vol 1 can be found here at amazon.

Summary :
This story centers on a group of high-school students and their dreams in life. The fiery Le Da Ae and her inept, but best friend, Kim Sung Chul, who both want to become manhwagas*; the playboy Ta Jun, who only cares about the pursuit of women; and the ultra-cute Kang Sun Nam, whose only goal in life is to become...BAD. As we watch them reach for their respective goals, we find humor, surprise and an unexpected love-triangle that will make you laugh, cry and in general, warm your heart.
*A manhwaga is the same as the Japanese mangaka, or in English, graphic-novelist.
(Summary by Genkicoll)

Korean ISBNs :
Vol 1 : 60-000-9890-4
Vol 2 : 89-532-5202-4
Vol 3 : 89-532-5546-5
Vol 4 : 89-532-5859-6
Vol 5 : 89-532-6132-5
Vol 6 : 89-532-6469-3

Releases :
Vol 1: Ch 1-5