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August 4, 2007 (Update: MegKF)

There is so much to say. Genkicoll, our lovely editor, has been sick, which is why entropy released We Are Still vol 2 Ch 10 and 11 without us. But since the main korean translator for entropy has decided to retire they have decided to discontinue this project. We have picked it back up, but we can't make any releases because we need a Korean translator or 2 willing to help us. If you can translate Korean for us please e-mail MegKF at megancata1@yahoo.com.
SNEAK PEAK AT CHAPTER 12 (in Korean): || Page 1 || Page 2 || Page 3 ||

May 18, 2007 (Update: MegKF)

Seems like the website has been down for ages... it has been actually. But now we're back up at this new website location. Just because we didn't have our website up doesn't mean we weren't still working though.
Past Releases
March 11th, 2007: We Are Still: Chapters 8 and 9
October 31, 2006: We Are Still: Chapters 6 and 7

October 23 2006 (Update: MegKF)

YAY~~ The second chapter of this great manhwa is out! Come and get Cinderella Fella Ch 2 in our IRC channel #TrapNest@irc. irchighway. net

October 8 2006 (Update: MegKF)

YAY!!! We have a new project! Cinderella Fella is a really good new manhwa. We have two evil step sisters who want it to be like Cinderella with their brother, but... I'm not telling, you'll have to read it for yourself to find out. Come and get chapter 1 in our channel #TrapNest@irc. irchighway. net. Website is still down...

September 29 2006 (Update: MegKF)

Chapter 5 of We are Still...! comes to you from the combined talents of TrapNest and Entropy! We are Still...! Vol 1 Ch 5 is released and as always you can get it in our channel #TrapNest@irc. irchighway. net or from entropy's channel #entropy@irc. irchighway. net. MegKF

September 17 2006 (Update: MegKF)

Release: We are Still...! Ch 4 (joint with entropy)

September 4 2006 (Update: MegKF)

TRAPNEST IS BACK!! And in honor of our 2nd anniversary we have for you all We are Still...! Chapters 1-3. Can you believe we've been around for 2 years now? It was on this day 2 years ago that we released our first 3 chapters. Thanks so much to Entropy who jointed with us on this project so we could get it all out to you. We at TrapNest need Korean translators so we can bring you more projects that we are looking into, if you can translate for us please contact genkicoll or MegKF in our IRC channel #TrapNest@irc. irchighway. net